Monday, June 6, 2011

plastic bag holder

I try to use cloth shopping bags as much as possible but I still seem to end up with a million plastic bags somehow. Lately, they've just been shoved into any space I can find in the pantry and it was staring to get ridiculous so I decided I needed to make a holder for them.
I was going to up-cycle an old t-shirt but then I came across this post from Make It and Love It and I was inspired to make the holder one that was pretty and I would enjoy seeing. I decided on a scrap of fabric I had left over from this project and got busy sewing.

I followed the tutorial except for using 1/2 inch elastic and another scrap of fabric for the handle instead of ribbon. I also placed the handle a little bit more towards the back to make it easier to stuff a bag in.

This is how it turned out...
I hung it in between the wall and my fridge so I have easy access to it but my little munchkins don't.

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